Cannabis Floor Plan Overlays

Expert security & IT floor plan overlays for all cannabis verticals, including dispensaries, grows, and manufacturing facilities.

Cannabis floor plan
Cannabis IT Floor Plan Overlays

Overlays for your IT rack, wireless access points (WAPs), point of sale (POS) stations, track-and-trace stations, wall-mounted displays, and more.

cannabis security plan
Cannabis Security Floor Plan Overlays

Overlays for your surveillance cameras and access control panels. Includes coverage diagrams for cameras.

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Improve Your Odds
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Avoid Costly Mistakes
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What Are Cannabis Floor Plan IT Overlays?

You know what cannabis floor plans are – they’re a 2D overhead view of your facility, including walls, doors, and other key infrastructure and fixtures. Rooms and areas are often labeled (sales floor, inventory fault, trimming room, etc.), and the drawing is often made to scale.

Overlays, as you might expect, are layers of additional infrastructure that sit on top of your core floor plans, showing you the location of assets such as surveillance cameras and wall-mounted displays. Security overlays are the most common; they’re often required for applications. IT overlays are also a necessity. It’s expensive to install or move IT assets like IT racks, POS stations, and wireless access points, so you want to make sure they’re correctly designed and positioned before your start your buildout.

You may submit your floor plans with and without overlays depending on your application’s instructions and what you’re trying to emphasize.

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Cannabis IT Floor Plan Overlays

Cannabis floor plan IT overlays show you where to put all your tech, including IT racks, WAPs, POS stations, track-and-trace stations, menu boards, and more.

We’ve helped design, set up, and manage the tech for hundreds of facilities throughout North America. We know where to place your tech to ensure compliance, minimize costs, avoid tech problems, and optimize the customer experience.

Give yourself the best shot at a license and avoid unnecessary costs and problems with Lucent cannabis floor plan IT overlays.

Cannabis Security Floor Plan Overlays

The key elements of a cannabis security overlay are surveillance cameras and access control panels. Most regulators require to cover most areas of your facility with your cameras and protect areas like inventory vaults and the back office with access control panels (keypads, keycard panels, thumbprint scanners, etc.). These assets can get costly, especially the cameras, since you will need to store at least 30-90 days of footage for each one.

Security is both a key part of getting a license and running a cannabis business. We’ll design a security system for you that gives you the best chance at a license, protects your products, people, and property, and keeps your costs to a minimum.


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No one knows more about cannabis buildouts. We’ve helped with site planning & tech & security rollouts for 100+ cannabis facilities throughout the US and Canada.

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We can help not only with design and planning, but can also help you procure, install, and manage your tech and security, too.

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